TigerText Expands Partnership with AMiON; Provides Healthcare Professionals with Easier and More Secure Way to Coordinate Care

Updated integration now enables AMiON and TigerText users to quickly view their on-call schedules, contact colleagues, and view other department schedules within the TigerText secure messaging app

SANTA MONICA, CALIF. (August 15, 2013) – TigerText, the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise, today announced it has made care coordination even easier and more reliable for health care professionals by expanding its integration with AMiON, the healthcare industry’s leading on-call scheduling software. These enhancements enable AMiON and TigerText users to find out who is on-call and easily communicate with these providers via a secure messaging network, accessible from both the TigerText app and within the AMiON web portal.
Physicians who previously accessed their AMiON schedules via a web browser can now do so via the TigerText app as well. By having both mobile and web access, care teams are able to communicate instantaneously with one another without having to making a phone call. In addition, schedule updates made using AMiON’s web software are reflected within the TigerText app in real-time, while alerts confirm that a message has been successfully sent, received and read.
“With this enhanced integration, TigerText and AMiON users can coordinate care more efficiently,” said Brad Brooks, TigerText Co-Founder and President. “In addition to being able to quickly and conveniently access who is on-call, users can also immediately send and receive secure, HIPAA-compliant messages to colleagues to discuss patient issues.”
The integration also includes the feature of keyword message commands for faster usability. Once activated, users can type simple message commands within the TigerText app, such as “On Call” to display the on-call physician schedule, or “5PM” to initiate their calendar to be displayed. Users can also look up who-is on call in specific departments by entering a practice specialty such as “Radiology” or “Cardiology” and then instantly message any one of those physicians listed.
“As a leader in on-call scheduling for physicians, we wanted to offer AMiON users easy access to TigerText’s secure messaging,” said Stuart Karon, president and founder of AMiON. “Our customers can now message colleagues in their network without having to avoid patient information. Simple, speedy and complete communication helps physicians provide better, more efficient care.”
For those already using AMiON, setup is easy. Users can sign up for a free TigerText account or use the Pro version which enables groups and hospital IT departments to configure and control messaging for all staff. Users will need to install the TigerText app on their smartphones, as messages then get delivered to the TigerText app. The app is available for download for Apple and Android devices.
For more information about Amion and TigerText features, please visit: http://amion.com/cgi-bin/ocs?Page=Help:153. For more information on how leading organizations are integrating with TigerConnect, please visit: http://developer.tigertext.com/.
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TigerText is the leader in secure, real-time messaging for health care, enterprises, and individuals. TigerText allows healthcare providers and businesses to create a private and secure mobile messaging network with their own smartphone. More than 2,000 facilities have adopted TigerText, including leading organizations like Adventist Health, the University of Kentucky HealthCare, and Scottsdale Health Partners, which rely on TigerText to comply with industry standards and replace unsecured SMS text messaging that leaves protected health and other confidential information at risk. TigerText’s speed, compatibility, and ease of use accelerate workflows and improve employee satisfaction. For more information visit: www.tigertext.com or https://www.facebook.com/TigerText or twitter.com/tigertext.
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Amion manages on-call and daily work schedules for over 100,000 physicians and other medical providers, from individual group practices to entire hospital systems. Physicians submit special requests and group administrators use Amion tools to build fair, equitable schedules. Schedules include integrated messaging so that switchboard and other medical staff can reach on-call physicians quickly and easily. To learn more about Amion, please visit www.amion.com.
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