The healthcare industry is ripe for disruption

And we are partnering with the disruptors

We’re passionate about using technology to create efficiencies and improve outcomes in the healthcare industry and we’re partnering with teams who share our passion for innovation that provokes a new way of thinking about treatments, devices and cures.
NLVP has nurtured and built great companies with a singular goal to revolutionize healthcare. We invest across the entire healthcare technology sector, from public and private biopharmaceutical companies, to early and late stage healthcare information technology companies, to commercial medical device companies.
With an exclusive focus on three sectors, we are highly selective in choosing our partners. When evaluating potential investments, we look for capable teams solving real problems in unique ways. Here are some of the criteria we consider:



NLVP invests in this sector from company creation through the initial public offering (IPO) and beyond. We work with experienced management teams that have developed novel product programs and platforms exemplified by several key characteristics – including large unmet medical needs, strong science, well differentiated technologies, and high-quality pre-clinical and clinical development programs. We believe that the best financial returns come from a focus on rigorous science and thorough data analysis, so our approach is largely science and data-driven.

Information Convergence

NLVP has more than 50 cumulative years of investment and operational experience in the information convergence sector. We’ve built companies from small startup teams to businesses with revenues exceeding $100 million, and each new company that joins our portfolio gains the same access to our shared knowledge as healthcare specialists attuned to the latest developments across the field. We help our teams shape strategy by applying our market understanding and engaging them with an active advisory network that includes leaders from across the entire healthcare ecosystem – from CIOs of leading hospital systems and executives at major healthcare organizations to a broad network of experienced serial entrepreneurs who’ve built successful information convergence companies. Our history of building companies in healthcare information technology, tools and diagnostics uniquely positions NLVP to identify and support promising companies in this sector.

Life Science Tools

NLVP works closely with our portfolio teams to deliver products that accelerate the discovery process, uncover novel insights into the biology of disease and health, and personalize diagnoses and treatment. Because we’ve spent many years building substantial businesses in this sector, we can apply our deep experience to help the companies in our portfolio develop strategies and build teams that are capable of deepening their hold on existing markets and expanding further into new territory. We also share insights from our team’s broader experience in adjacent health care segments, to give our portfolio partners an advantage across the entire health care landscape.



Once we decide to bring a new company into our portfolio, we engage all of NLVP in helping the team thrive. We combine our investment team’s collaborative approach and areas of expertise, involvement, network, passion and experience to give each of our portfolio team partners a distinct competitive advantage to achieve success.