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New Leaf Venture Partners believes in leveraging innovation to advance healthcare technology. We invest in great people who are building tomorrow’s leading-edge businesses.

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Fostering innovation by applying our knowledge, experience, network
and passion

100+ years of cumulative experience

2.0+ Billion Invested

150+ Portfolio Companies

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Exclusively focused on
healthcare technology

We partner with passionate, visionary teams who are transforming healthcare

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Improving the lives of patients and reducing cost and burden to the healthcare system through new approaches and the development of therapies that are tailored to specific patient populations based on validated biomarkers or genetics.


Information Convergence
Enabling the transformation of healthcare and the life sciences by increasing quality and efficiency through the convergence of technology and information-based products and applications.

Life Science Tools
Advancing research tools that accelerate the discovery process, uncover novel insights into the biology of disease and health, or personalize diagnoses and treatment.


Continuing to build alongside the success of our entrepreneurs in both the private and public markets

38 Acquisitions

54 Companies Taken Public

30 Billion Dollar Companies

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Note that the amount invested and number of companies cited above include investments by the New Leaf team in the New Leaf and Sprout Group healthcare technology portfolios.