Kit Check Passes 100 Hospital Customer Mark
Washington, DC – September 9, 2014 – Kit Check™ (, the leader in hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software, today announced that over 100 hospitals are using its cloud-based software solution. Today, Kit Check supports more than 3,800 hospital users tracking more than 11,000 pharmacy kits. The first customer site was installed at the University of Maryland Medical Center in April 2012 and the user base has grown quickly, including more than 50 sites added since January 2014.
“Kit Check has been hitting a lot of milestones lately. In July, we surpassed two million medications tracked. August brought the number of pharmacy kits tracked to over ten thousand and system users exceeded three thousand for the first time. When we started in 2012, it was unclear whether hospital pharmacies would embrace a cloud-based software solution or RFID driven automation. With one hundred hospitals on board and new additions each week, we can confidently say hospital pharmacies like the technologies. The ability to restock pharmacy kits nearly ten times faster with an easy to install and use solution has been a winning formula,” said Kit Check Co-founder and CEO Kevin MacDonald.
Kit Check Vice President of Sales Doug Zurawski, Pharm.D., commented, “I have worked as a hospital pharmacy director and in pharmacy technology companies for well over 20 years. Kit Check already represents the fastest adoption rate in history for hospital pharmacy software and our growth continues to accelerate. For decades, pharmacy kit restocking has been slow, tedious, costly and error prone. I am glad we have been able to solve the problem so effectively and I am excited about providing even greater medication visibility for pharmacists in our next one hundred hospitals.”
About Hospital Pharmacy Kits
Pharmacy kits are used throughout hospitals for critical care procedures, including operating room anesthesia, crash carts, pediatric emergency, labor and delivery and many others. The kits contain up to 200 medications each. Kit Check’s solution eliminates a decades-old manual process of hospital pharmacy kit replenishment and expiration verification.
After a hospital pharmacy kit is used for patient care by medical staff, it is returned to the pharmacy so consumed medications may be replaced. Historically, a pharmacy technician would determine what items are missing and handle each individual medication manually to ensure it is not nearing expiration. After expiring items were removed and medications restocked, a pharmacist would then double-check the accuracy of kit contents. By adding RFID tags to medications, a Kit Check scanning station can count and validate each item automatically. Instead of 30 minutes of manual labor, RFID combined with Kit Check’s cloud-based software enables these processes to be completed in just 3 minutes, generating a 90% time savings.
About Kit Check™
Kit Check™ is the leader in automated hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software. Since 2012, Kit Check™ has focused on replacing time consuming and error prone manual processes in hospital medication handling with faster and safer automation technologies driven by a scalable cloud software platform. Kit Check™ is headquartered in Washington, DC and serves hospitals throughout the United States. For more information please contact Kit Check™ by email at or call at (786) 548-2432 ext. 5.