TigerConnect Acquires Call Scheduler, Launches Fully-Integrated TigerSchedule™ to Simplify Physician On-Call Scheduling
Acquisition bolsters collaboration across complex healthcare teams to drive efficiency in the COVID-19 era
SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Sept. 1, 2020 — TigerConnect, healthcare’s most advanced, reliable, and widely adopted care team collaboration solution, today announced the acquisition of Adjuvant’s Call Scheduler solution to integrate innovative physician-scheduling capabilities into TigerConnect’s clinical communication and collaboration platform. The Call Scheduler product has been added to the TigerConnect platform as TigerSchedule™, combining physician scheduling with clinical collaboration into a unified, powerful, and easy-to-use solution for automating on-call and work assignments.
Today’s acquisition further bolsters TigerConnect’s collaboration platform to help speed up staff coordination across complex, evolving, and historically siloed healthcare teams. The acquisition will enhance the patient and provider experience while accelerating efficient healthcare delivery, which is increasingly vital as health systems navigate the safety and revenue challenges of the COVID-19 era.
Call Scheduler is a rules-based automated physician scheduling software that boasts an extensive clinical customer base across the United States, ranging from care centers such as Huntsville Memorial Hospital and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula to medical clinics such as Cardiac Specialists and Baptist Neurology. TigerSchedule™ is available as part of the TigerConnect platform or as a standalone solution.
“Reaching the right care team member quickly and efficiently is essential to providing excellent patient care. When you add the pressures of COVID-19 to the already existing whirlwind of paper schedules and unexpected shift changes, the challenge for caregivers is overwhelming. It can even be the difference between life and death,” said TigerConnect co-founder and CEO Brad Brooks. “TigerConnect with TigerSchedule™ helps healthcare systems streamline care delivery, improve outcomes, and enhance the patient experience while boosting the bottom line. It’s particularly valuable to healthcare organizations today, as they seek to reduce costs and improve patient and care team satisfaction.”
Call Scheduler President Justin Wampach joins TigerConnect as Vice President, Scheduling Division. All other Call Scheduler employees are also joining TigerConnect.
“When Brad approached me and pitched the idea of being acquired, I admit we were flattered. I always felt our long-term strategy would involve us becoming a module within a broader product offering. We quickly realized that our offerings complemented each other well and it became obvious that joining forces would benefit our customers,” said Wampach.
TigerSchedule™ provides several benefits for healthcare organizations, including:
  • Enabling hospitals, health groups, and clinics to manage scheduling within the TigerConnect communications platform.
  • Ensuring fairness within a schedule and protecting providers from being over-assigned.
  • Intelligently routing automated notifications of changes to the on-call schedule due to patient cancellations, sick days, and time-off.
  • Empowering providers to request when and where they work and accommodating their preferences for receiving text message notifications.
  • Providing faster team coordination and a single view of all staff to better optimize resources.
  • Providing rules-based automation and integration with the electronic health record (EHR) to further ease scheduling and workflows.
“We are now in our third year working with TigerConnect and our first full year with Call Scheduler,” said Dr. David Kasting, CMIO at Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. “We were off our paper call schedule and fully electronic in two weeks. Part of our agreement with Call Scheduler was to develop significant integration with TigerConnect as the latter is the major form of communication between providers here. Call Scheduler was equally dedicated to providing several requested modifications in their software. We found the staff at both to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly people always eager to listen and dedicated to ensuring we were maximizing the use of their product. These organizations proved to be truly our favorite vendors and we are delighted to see them now merged as a single, cohesive entity.”
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