Solaris Hospice Replaces Unsecure Email and Voicemail with TigerText Secure Messaging

SANTA MONICA, CA (October 7, 2014) – TigerText, the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise, today announced that Solaris Hospice, a hospice care organization serving the rural communities of Texas, has selected TigerText as its secure messaging provider. TigerText has been incorporated into Solaris Hospice’s staff communication policy and is quickly replacing their inefficient and non-compliant communication channels such as voicemail and email.

“We needed a more consistent and HIPAA compliant way to communicate patient information in a timely manner,” said Andy Milligan, CEO at Solaris Hospice. “TigerText provides us with an integrated system for securely streamlining our day-to-day conversations, freeing up more of our staff’s time to focus on patient care. We’ve even incorporated TigerText into our communication policy as it allows us to send patient information safely and securely, enabling us to move away from slower and non-compliant channels such as voice and email.”

Solaris Hospice is sending nearly 40,000 TigerText messages per month, with more than 150 physicians and nurses having adopted the solution. By enabling administrators and physicians to easily connect with in-the-field-staff, TigerText has improved the Solaris Hospice’s response times and made it easier than ever for staff to communicate sensitive PHI (Protected Health Information) including patient diagnoses, consults, prescriptions and more. Additionally, Solaris uses TigerText to disseminate company information – a process in which they used to rely on email – helping avoid the common problem of important unread messages piling up in employees’ inboxes.

“Solaris Hospice’s adoption of TigerText demonstrates their commitment to using new health-information technology to improve the quality and coordination of care,” said Brad Brooks, Co-Founder and CEO of TigerText. “TigerText eliminates the inefficiencies that stem from paging systems, phone calls, and emails by providing clinicians with a simpler and quicker tool for communicating securely. We look forward to helping them improve their communication effectiveness, reduce risk, and enhance their ability to coordinate care.”

TigerText enables physicians and nurses to quickly connect with one another in a secure and compliant manner. The TigerText app and platform provides an efficient and secure tool for sending and receiving PHI as well as other important information necessary for making critical care decisions. Solaris Hospice is among the many leading health organizations – Adventist Health, Universal Health Services, Boston Children’s Hospital and more – that have adopted TigerText’s secure messaging solution. With its easy-to-use interface, organizations that deploy TigerText see high adoption rates and improved communication within their workforce, ultimately leading to improved patient safety and physician satisfaction.

About TigerText
TigerText is the leader in secure, real-time messaging for the enterprise. TigerText’s encrypted messaging platform keeps communications safe, improves workflows, and complies with industry regulations. Developed to address the security needs, BYOD policies, and message restrictions in the enterprise, TigerText is committed to keeping mobile communications secure, private and impermanent. More than 5,000 facilities and five of the top ten largest for-profit health systems in the nation, including Universal Health Services and Community Health Systems, rely on TigerText to comply with HIPAA and replace unsecured SMS text messaging that leaves protected health and other confidential information at risk. For more information visit,, or

About Solaris Hospice
Solaris Hospice is one of the largest rural hospice care providers in the Southwest. It’s focus on cutting edge palliative medicine has made it a recognized leader among the healthcare communities it serves. Solaris operates 16 locations across Texas and currently cares for around 400 patients on average everyday. For more information visit

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