Kit Check Tracks Five Million Hospital Medications with RFID and Cloud Software Solution

Burlington, VT – May 28, 2015 – Kit Check™ (, the leader in hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software, today announced that five million medications have been tracked using the company’s cloud software and RFID-based solution. A vial of Glycopyrrolate with a strength of 1MG/ML became the five millionth RFID-tagged dose tracked by Kit Check when it was created at The University of Vermont Medical Center, a 562-bed hospital in Burlington, Vermont.

“The combination of cloud software and RFID technology has proven to be scalable, accurate and fast for tracking hospital medications and restocking pharmacy kits. Older technologies such as barcode slowed down the kit restocking process too much, couldn’t effectively manage kit and process variations and could never scale to millions of medications. At five million medications tracked and nearly 500,000 kits restocked for over 150 hospitals, Kit Check is recognized by hospital pharmacy directors as a reliable and popular solution to a tedious and costly manual process,” said Kit Check Co-founder and CEO Kevin MacDonald.

Kit Check Vice President of Customer Success Nick Petersen commented, “We’re thrilled that it was The University of Vermont Medical Center that tracked the five millionth medication with Kit Check. Not only are they a progressive and tech-savvy group, they’re also one of our most avid users, with nearly 1,200 pharmacy kits in circulation and over 23,000 kits restocked in just one year. From inpatient OR and ambulatory surgery to GI, emergency and code blue, Kit Check is used throughout the hospital. Patient safety is key to The University of Vermont, and applying technology to improve kit restocking accuracy is a notable example. However, the pharmacy staff also takes pride in innovation and efficiency. Kit Check has helped address all three goals in terms of pharmacy kits and broader medication tracking initiatives. We appreciate their strong support of Kit Check.”

About Kit Check™
Kit Check™ is the leader in automated hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software. Since 2012, Kit Check™ has focused on replacing time consuming and error prone manual processes in hospital medication handling with faster and safer automation technologies driven by a scalable cloud software platform. Kit Check™ is headquartered in Washington, DC and serves hospitals throughout the United States. For more information please contact Kit Check™ by email at PR or call at (786) 548-2432 ext. 5.