TigerText Dangles $1M Guarantee Against HIPAA Violations
Featured on socalTECH – Benjamin Kuo – March 31, 2014 – Santa Monica-based TigerText, which develops secure, text-messaging tools for enterprise customers–and in particular, the healthcare industry–is putting its money where its mouth is, saying Monday that it will offer up a $1 million indemnification against violations from HIPAA’s technical safeguards for protected health information. The company said the guarantee covers that violations of HIPAA that may arise from sending and receiving confidential and protected health information via the TigerText app. TigerText’s app is offered up to healthcare providers specifically to help them comply with HIPAA regulations around keeping health information confidential and safe, as an alternative to unsecured text messaging. The company also has been pushing its product into the more general, enterprise markets, many of which have similar, privacy and security issues over its employees using unsecure text messaging.