Awarepoint awareAssets version 3.0 Now Available

Healthcare RTLS leader announces updates to asset tracking software, enhancing resource management, efficiency and compliance

SAN DIEGO – July 8, 2014 – Awarepoint Corporation, the largest real-time location system (RTLS) corporation dedicated exclusively to healthcare, announces the availability of its enterprise-wide asset tracking and workflow optimization tool, awareAssets 3.0. The next-generation software application enhances clinicians’ and administrators’ ability to improve asset utilization and resource management, decrease capital and rental expenditures, reduce equipment loss and streamline regulatory compliance and maintenance.
As part of the aware360°Suite, awareAssets further automates and simplifies asset tracking to decrease equipment costs, increase caregiver time at the bedside and improve compliance, thereby supporting operational and clinical workflows across the healthcare enterprise. With the application, users can now experience leading-edge functionality such as:
– Modern cloud-based architecture optimized for large-scale environments
– Advanced par level equipment management capabilities to ensure that the right assets are in the right place at the right time
– Site-customizable quick searches
– Enhanced reporting for monitoring rentals, analyzing utilization, managing recalls, improving preventive maintenance and defining staff work lists
– Advanced map navigation to quickly visualize the distribution of assets throughout the enterprise
– The ability to track the location and interactions of tagged patients and staff
– Support for integration with smart mobile medical equipment using the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise® (IHE) standards
“The average utilization of mobile medical devices is extremely low, and we believe that awareAssets has the potential to save US hospitals $20 billion in capital expenditures and recurring costs,” said Merrie Wallace, Chief Nursing Officer and Executive Vice President of Product Solutions at Awarepoint. “awareAssets, with its expanded features and game-changing functionality, creates an opportunity to significantly drive RTLS-enabled solution adoption in US hospitals after years of slow industry growth. Awarepoint has always been willing to guarantee a strong return on investment – often within 9-12 months of implementation. The new functionality delivered with awareAssets will save our clients incredibly more money and time, and we are excited to deliver innovations that help clients thrive amidst the pressures of health reform.”
awareAssets is a comprehensive RTLS solution that ensures robust hospital asset tracking and resource management. The solution maps and reports the location and status of mobile assets and rentals in real-time to drive significant clinical and financial outcomes. Standard reports and dashboards enable healthcare organizations to identify trends and formulate strategies for improvement. In addition, awareAssets is part of Awarepoint’s aware360°Suite, which lays the foundation for more advanced enterprise-wide automatic tracking and workflow orchestration. Clients may easily leverage their investment by building upon the awareAssets infrastructure to improve capacity management, patient flow, caregiver coordination, patient and caregiver satisfaction, and ED and OR workflows.
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