Medication Intelligence Leader Kit CheckⓇ Rebrands as BluesightⓇ
The shift redefines Bluesight from a point solution to a suite of Medication Intelligence™ software products that provides a complete picture of the pharmaceutical supply chain
Alexandria, VA (December 5, 2022) – Kit Check today announced that it has rebranded as BluesightⓇ, The Medication Intelligence™ Company, to reflect its comprehensive suite of software solutions, maintaining its commitment to helping hospitals better serve their patients and pursuing a future where the medication supply chain is more efficient and connected.
Founded in 2011, Bluesight provides unit-level visibility of pharmaceutical products from manufacturing plant to patient, addressing challenges such as shortages, drug expiry, overcharged invoices, drug diversion, and other key concerns, making a tangible difference in the work of hospital providers and giving the invaluable resource of time back to those providing clinical care. As Bluesight evolves, it plans to use its interoperable platform to unlock further value by fostering collaboration across the medication ecosystem, ensuring that everyone has the information and tools they need to serve patients efficiently and effectively.
“Since our founding, our core focus has been to develop software that equips hospitals with the actionable information they need to create safer, more compliant and more efficient processes in hospital pharmacies,” said Kevin MacDonald, company CEO and co-founder. “we were known as ‘a friend to hospital pharmacists,’ and that mentality has driven everything we’ve done over the past decade. We’re enthusiastic about our continued ability to serve health system pharmacies and help bring visibility, simplicity and predictability to the complex world health systems deal with every day.”
Bluesight provides Medication Intelligence™ solutions to over 1,000 hospital customers, transforming multiple streams of raw data into actionable insights that empower informed decision-making, offering a data-backed way to navigate every touchpoint of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The company’s current offerings include:
  • ControlCheck™ – ControlCheck, formerly known as Bluesight for Controlled Substances or BCS, is the leading next-generation software solution enabling users to take a proactive approach to drug diversion. Studies show about one in ten healthcare providers are using or abusing drugs. Bluesight’s cloud-based software taps into existing information from automated dispensing cabinets (ADC’s) and electronic medical records (EMR’s) to identify anomalous patterns in clinician behavior by using artificial intelligence (AI) and continuous learning. The software, which is the market share leader, has been rated Best in KLAS for three years running and has tracked over 100 million medication transactions to date. It supports hospitals in building a controlled substance diversion prevention program with clinically driven workflows, cross-departmental cooperation and cutting-edge unsupervised machine learning analytics.
  • KitCheck™ – KitCheck is the industry-leading RFID-enabled inventory management solution. KitCheck currently helps hospitals modernize and automate time-consuming and inefficient restocking processes to reduce restocking time by up to 90%, minimize drug expirations, optimize kit and tray contents based on historic usage and improve patient safety. It can be used to restock O.R. trays, anesthesia stations, crash carts and ancillary trays. To date, over 210 million items have been tagged and passed through KitCheck’s secure and open database.
  • CostCheck™ – CostCheck, formerly known as Bluesight Insights, modernizes the drug purchasing experience and provides transparency to all available options to ensure hospitals obtain the best prices and are fully stocked with the drugs they need. To date, CostCheck has analyzed over $7 billion in pharmacy purchasing, saving its customers 3% of their total drug spend Today, a pharmacy buyer has to manage siloed data streams, preventing them from easily seeing a complete picture of a hospital’s procurement landscape. CostCheck optimizes the buying experience to offer blended price analysis in real time. The solution also provides actionable analytics to verify invoice charges and allow its users to identify and reclaim overcharged dollars. It also enables systematic cost savings and helps users optimize their drug-purchasing workflow.
“We are thrilled to announce this exciting evolution as we officially rebrand as Bluesight,” said Amy Langan, Chief Marketing Officer at Bluesight. “Our new brand identity reflects how our suite of software solutions works together to provide the Medication Intelligence that hospitals need to prevent drug diversion, optimize pharmacy workflows and drug spend and increase safety and compliance.”
“The journey that we have been on as a company has led to incredible partnerships with organizations around the country, and our software solutions are already having a major impact on over 1,000 hospitals,” said Tim Kress-Spatz, company co-founder. “As we move into this new era, our core values will remain the same – our ultimate mission is always to help hospitals provide the best possible care for patients and offer the best possible work environment for employees. We look forward to offering our comprehensive suite of Medication Intelligence solutions to even more organizations under our new name and brand.”
Bluesight’s solutions connect existing and emerging hospital systems, workflows and data throughout a product’s dynamic lifecycle giving a complete picture of the life of a unit dose. To learn more, visit Bluesight’s website here.
About Bluesight
Bluesight solves supply chain inefficiencies and reduces risk by providing actionable analytics for every step of the medication lifecycle. Through our suite of Medication Intelligence™ solutions, Bluesight brings simplicity, visibility, and predictability to the complex world of medication management. To date, more than 1,000 U.S. and Canadian hospitals utilize Bluesight solutions to optimize their hospital’s efficiency. Bluesight focuses on providing comprehensive, item-level data that empowers providers to make informed, accurate decisions. These solutions include RFID-enabled inventory management, controlled substance diversion prevention software and medication purchasing optimization. To learn more about Bluesight ’s suite of Medication Intelligence solutions, visit us at