New App Helps Consumers Find More Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs

OneRx® is the First App to Provide Instant Access to Co-pays, Coupons and Discounts to Reduce Patients’ Rx Costs

NEW YORK – WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2015 – As prescription prices and out-of-pocket costs continue to skyrocket, newly launched app OneRx enables consumers to review drug pricing and benefits data, offering the most robust prescription drug savings tool in the marketplace. OneRx is the first app to allow Americans to compare the costs of carrier-specific drug co-pays with additional, comprehensive money-saving options – deals that are available regardless of insurance status.
OneRx allows users to instantly research individual drug and pharmacy prices and identify prescriptions that offer the best value while meeting their medical needs. The app takes into account hundreds of manufacturer coupons, pharmacy discounts and other deals available to those with and without coverage. It also makes available a prescription benefit option specifically for those without coverage, offering deals nationwide from pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacies, which average $750 in savings per user annually.
The app is also unique in its ability to automate the process of amassing coupons, freeing consumers from having to seek out savings on their own and allowing them to instantly redeem those savings. It also saves time by providing users with automatic alerts when drug-specific insurer restrictions surface, ensuring that patients have the opportunity to troubleshoot these issues in the healthcare provider’s office and in advance of making the trip to the pharmacy – another unique feature, which increases adherence and overall health.
OneRx is free, HIPAA compliant and independently owned. It is currently available for download on iTunes and in the Google Play store.
“As drug prices continue to rise and members are paying more out-of-pocket, there is an urgent need for easy and immediate access to information that will enable prescription drug users to make informed decisions and realize immediate savings,” said Bryan Birch, Chairman, President and CEO of Truveris, the drug pricing and benefits analytics company that developed the app. “OneRx literally puts this information in the palm of your hand, empowering consumers with the price shopping capabilities we’ve all come to expect in today’s digital age.”
The launch of the app follows news that prescription medications spiked 10.9 percent in 2014, as reported by the Truveris NDI National Drug IndexSM. It also comes at a time when the prevalence of complex insurance-related hurdles, such as pricing tiers, formulary management, prior authorizations and step therapies, have made it increasingly difficult for consumers to manage prescription drug benefits.
Beyond the consumer space, Truveris sees tremendous value that OneRx can offer key professionals, including: healthcare providers, who can improve treatment compliance by using the app with patients at the time of appointments; and benefits managers, who can encourage the use of OneRx to save employees’ money without increasing costs.
About Truveris
Truveris is a leading prescription drug software and analytics company, on a mission to democratize data and access through technology. Our proprietary Software-as-a-Service platforms drive transparency and lower costs across the prescription drug ecosystem; solutions include OneRx®, RxChoice®, TruBid® and COMPSM. Based in New York, Truveris is backed by Canaan Partners, New Leaf Venture Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners, New Atlantic Ventures and First RoundCapital. For more information, go to or LinkedIn, or contact us via Twitter or