Group Message Confirmations Are Here!
April 9, 2015 – With HIMSS just around the corner, we’re pleased to share we’ve made some great improvements to our iOS app and added a few features that will save you even more time. If you’re planning to attend HIMSS in Chicago next week, we’ll be showing off these new features and more at our big, beauuuutiful booth in the Exhibit Hall B. Stop by booth #7418 (write that down!) or just look up to the show room sky for our TigerText sign. And if you’re itching for more information on TigerText, catch us at the HIMSS Knowledge Center on Monday, April 13th at 3:15pm where you’ll learn how our customer, Scottsdale Health Partners, integrated TigerText with their HIE to reduce costs, and readmissions rates and increase customer satisfaction.
In the meantime, check out our latest iOS app updates below, and keep on working securely!
iOS Updates
At TigerText, we’re all about efficiency, and we know you are too, so we’ve improved our iOS attachment sending capabilities. One of these improvements is enabling users to send attachments using Apple’s Document Picker. Files from popular cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Apple’s iCloud can now be attached to your TigerText messages with just a few simple taps.
TigerText Add Attachment
Another update we made now lets users quickly and easily send attachments – photos, videos, PDFs, Word docs, and presentations – from other iOS apps to Users, Groups, or Distribution Lists. Previously, you had to close the app you were working in to send and TigerText, but no more! With this update, you’ll no longer have to be in the TigerText app when wanting to send a quick photo, video, or file attachment. Simply select the file on your phone, click share, and you’ll see the TigerText app appear in the drop-down menu.
TigerText App Extension
For users who may find themselves checking an attached file several times before sending a message or frantically tapping on “Recall” to undo their mistaken message, we have a solution. We’ve added a preview step before sending an attachment that also allows you to add text to the message, so say goodbye to sending the wrong pic!
TigerText Image Preview with Text
And we’ve saved the best for last! We made an awesome enhancement to our current message confirmation feature. After so much positive feedback from our “sent” and “read” receipts for individual conversations, we have expanded this functionality to group messages. Yes, that is right ladies and gentlemen! Group message confirmations are now here! With this enhancement, you can now know in real-time when you have successfully sent a message to each person within a group, when it was delivered, and when each individual in the group has read the message. We’re pretty excited to be the first secure messaging app to deliver this level of status tracking for group conversations, and we think you’ll be pretty excited about it too.
Group Message Confirmations
The TigerText team hopes these new enhancements will continue helping you communicate more safely, securely and efficiently. As always, we are committed to constantly improving our application and happily welcome all types of feedback – what you love, hate, and new ideas – so feel free to send us a message, and we promise we will do our best to make it happen.