Amerinet Offers Kit Check to 3,000 Member Hospitals
April 7, 2015 – Amerinet Contracted SupplierAmerinet, a leading group purchasing organization (GPO) that serves over 3,000 acute care hospitals, Tuesday announced that it is now offering Kit Check and Anesthesia Check to its members. The announcement stated:
“Through this agreement, Amerinet members will receive negotiated pricing on Kit Check’s RFID-based solution that drives efficiency, enhances patient safety, and reduces cost by automating the historically manual pharmacy kit restocking process. Kit Check also can improve management of drug shortages, recalls and expiring medications. In addition, the pharmacy kit medication data can be analyzed and shared to better inform operational decision-making.
“Also available to Amerinet members through this agreement is Anesthesia Check, which delivers faster ASA and regulatory compliant labeling, provides an automated check to reduce risk at the point of administration, and automates waste sheet reconciliation and recording through AIMS integration.”
Doug Zurawski, Kit Check vice president of sales commented, “We are excited to be working with Amerinet as one of the nation’s top tier GPOs. With pre-negotiated pricing, it is now even easier for Amerinet member hospitals to adopt Kit Check and Anesthesia Check. Three of Amerinet’s core focus areas are cost reduction, quality and patient safety. These are the exact benefits we strive to bring to hospital pharmacies and anesthesia providers.”
You can read the full Amerinet announcement here.