NLV Advisors

New Leaf works closely with industry professionals who are experts in New Leaf’s fields of interest and are willing to work closely with us on an as needed basis to provide their perspectives on topics and issues that are relevant to due diligence on new investments, on-going issues that arise in the management of existing portfolio companies, and longer term fund strategy.  New Leaf’s advisors are all prominent in their fields, and hold senior positions within leading corporations and academic institutions.  These experts provide New Leaf and its portfolio companies with their own invaluable insights, but equally importantly open up their networks of contacts in ways that vastly expand and strengthen New Leaf’s own network.

Biopharmaceuticals Advisory Board

New Leaf works with a broad range of industry advisors to support its investment activities in therapeutics.  We work with a large group of advisors that includes contacts from industry and academia that each of the investment professionals within the firm has cultivated through their own professional and academic experiences.  New Leaf has engaged several leading therapeutics experts as advisors for specific areas of interest.  Some examples of advisors who have been working closely with New Leaf recently include the following:
Christy Chuang-Stein
Principal Consultant, Chuang-Stein Consulting
Former Vice President, Head of Statistical Research and Consulting Center, Pfizer
Edward Skolnik, M.D.
Norman S. Wikler Professor of Medicine
New York University Medical Center

Information Convergence Advisory Board

New Leaf has assembled an additional advisory board to support activities in Information Convergence. This group of advisors has a breadth of experience in the development and deployment of new information technologies that are reshaping healthcare. Their collective experience is from industry, including leading large and entrepreneurial corporations, as well as from the provider side, including senior administration of one of the world’s most prominent and forward-thinking teaching hospitals.